Entry #1

The Asshole with a tablet

2012-12-09 00:56:14 by Polveria

Hello people of Earth and other planets. I haven't updated this thing in over a year now and reading back at my last one, I noticed I've definitely matured from a naive little rat to a genius/asshole who's in the process of trying to figure out what he actually wants to do with his art.  I mean, I love creating comics, and I WANT to make cartoons, but cartoons and way too fuckin' complicated even though they're totally worth it at the end and I usually just lose my motivation by the middle of the proccess of making one. Comics on the other hand are awesome to make but sometimes, it's just too crowded for me and hard to publish. I'm working on one right now that hopefully, I won't lose the motivation for (And I know I most likely will) and I'm planning on just posting more art shit on here since I haven't been on Newgrounds in about 8 months now. Sorry, I just got sidetracked with school and other stupid shit. I only have two followers on Newgrounds so I don't really see the point in making this update. 


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